Inazuma Adventure - New mini-game !

29/11/2022 - We have worked on a small mini-game for Inazuma Adventure!

Hello everyone, today we are happy to present you a small mini-game we are integrating to "Inazuma Adventure" Discord bot. 
It is a simple collection game, where you can summon one random player every hour. We have started with 25 players but more will arrive very soon! We invite you to join the Discord support server here if you find any problem or need any help.

Commands :
/summon : "🧞 Summon and collect players."
/inadex : "🌐 Shows complete Inadex."

This mini game was inspired from the ideas of Thib#8239 that you can also find on instagram here.

Today we also want to share with you the third progress report of the profile system. As you can see on the images below (all of them have been generated by the bot), your main teams will be shown on your profile. We have started with generating the first 5 players. The system is not ready finished yet. We will communicate more information on the development in the future.

The profile will be complete and detailed.

Thank you for reading this short news, we invite you to join the Discord support server here

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