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01/01/2023 - We wish everyone a happy new year! We would like to talk about all our current projects and our progress. Happy holidays to all. ✨

Hello everyone, first of all we wish you all a happy new year 2023! In this article we would like to share with you as much information as possible, playing the transparency card, about our projects, both possible and not, our progress, our prototypes, our ideas and more.

We would also like to inform you that we welcome any help, suggestions, proposals etc. Our goal is to make the best project for the community made by the community. You can contact us directly on Discord (Click here) or by email tom@ownstudio.fr

First of all we would like to tell you about our Discord bot, Inazuma Adventure, which is currently still in development.  

Inazuma Adventure news:

Summon mini-game:
We have released a collection mini-game, where you have to collect as many characters as possible, we will surely improve this mini-game with the next updates. At the top we have the addition of extra characters, in the future the possibility to convert duplicate players into rewards in other mini-games or in the adventure mode. We are still discussing and reflecting on the subject.

The bot is currently available in three languages, although in the future we hope to support more languages, for the moment this is not our main goal. We would also like to thank all those who report spelling, translation and other errors. And a very big thank you to Milozaki, who as always helped us and here all especially for the translation of the bot into German.

TCG game:
In collaboration with Haku, we are working on a card game via the bot which we hope will allow you in the long run to offer a card collecting game with a wide range of possibilities, some "competitions" and especially an additional bridge between the different Inazuma Eleven communities spread on Discord. This project is only in its preparation phase, ideas, stats, possibilities, so we have no release date for the moment, but we should keep you informed more extensively during 2023.

Adventure mode:
The main game mode of the bot, which has been rebooted several times in the last 3 years. We are on a rather "chaotic" development in the sense that 3 years ago, we were 4 to work on the project. After 6/8 months only 1 person left, the others having left the ship because the project was not progressing enough, no more motivation or ambition in the project (It's all to their credit, and we thank them for having initiated this project.), well decided to reform a "team". This time we are doing things in a structured way. We should give you more information on the progress of the adventure mode during 2023. 

Inazuma Eleven PC project:

What is it?
We decided to start working on a new project with Unreal Engine 5. The goal? See what we can do. There is no real goal behind this project, the idea is to make a game as complete and as close to the Inazuma Eleven universe as possible. Our number one goal right now is to make a nice open world. This project is currently a hobby and is absolutely not our priority yet. We would like to give special thanks to Diorite who provided us with a 3D model of Shawn taken from the game and properly prepared for easy use in our project. We invite you to see his work. Here is a short video of the current state of development of our project.

Join us on Discord to follow the progress (Click here) 

(This video has 3 parts, a video dated 01/01/2023, a video dated 26/06/2022 and a video dated 28/06/2022)
Inazuma Eleven PC

Inazuma Eleven HUB (Community Hub):

In 2023 we aim to establish the Inazuma Eleven Hub, a site, a platform where community projects will be easily accessible and secure. (RomHack, Fangame, etc) The hub should also be able to reference the community's largest venues. Discord server, news account (Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, YouTube, etc) The hub should simplify the download of games, emulators, backups etc. In other words a central place for the community, simplify and secure file exchange etc. More information is expected during 2023.

Inazuma TV +:

Our goal with Inazuma TV + is to create an easy-to-use streaming platform. Like inazumatv.com, the big difference is that we aim to make it available in different languages. Linked to this is our youtube channel Inazuma TV Plus (Click here)

Inazuma TV Plus

The competitive and multiplayer scene: 

We want to support the competitive scene of the Inazuma Eleven license as much as possible. With the goal to host a public server when the MelonDS NetPlay is released (we all hope in 2023). We currently have a public Citra room already available. We would also like to let people know that if you need a temporary room for an event or a long term room for you and your friends, clan or whatever, you can contact us on Discord (Click here) or by mail tom@ownstudio.fr. Special mention where we would like to thank our long time partners, Nemesis Domain & Ragnarok.

Galactik Football:

We also decided to have a small impact and involvement in the Galactik Football community. We are currently working on a Season 4 project for the license. It's a small project that will take several years to complete, but we wanted to give a little nod to the project. You can join the largest fan group on Discord (Click here).

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. We hope to have a great 2023 with you in the community. Don't forget we are open to all collaborations (Interesting and serious only) All proposals of help of contributions, that it is financially (Any amount is welcome and will be reinvested in our projects.) or on a creative aspect, manual. (3D artists, 2D artists, etc) If you wish to contact us, the easiest way is to contact us on Discord (Click here) or by mail tom@ownstudio.fr

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